What is Aadhaar ?

Meaning of “What is Aadhaar?” is clearly mentioned in this post.  Aadhaar is a 12 digit entity identification number provided by the UID (Unique Identification Authority of India) on behalf of the Government of India.  This Aadhaar number serves as a proof of identity and address of citizens, throughout the India. Aadhaar letter received through Post and downloaded copy of e-Aadhaar from UIDAI website are equally valid.

Any person, irrespective of gender and age, who is a resident of  India and satisfies the verification process set by the UIDAI could enroll for Aadhaar.  Each individual needs to enroll only once at without any cost.  Every Aadhaar card number is unique to an individual and remains valid for the lifetime period. Aadhaar number helps you to provide access to services like Gas subsidy, banking, mobile phone connections and other Government and Non-Government services in due course.

What is AADHAAR?

  1. A 12-digit unique identity for every citizens of India, which includes children and infants
  1. Enables identification for every resident Indian
  1. Establishes uniqueness on the basis of demographic and bio metric information for every individual
  1. Voluntary service that every resident can avail irrespective of present documentation
  1. Each individual have a single unique Aadhaar ID number
  1. Aadhaar provides a global identity infrastructure, used by any Indian Government’s approved identity-based application (like gas subsidy passport and ration card etc.)
  1. Aadhaar provides a universal identity infrastructure, used by any identity-based application (like ration card, passport, etc.)

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