AADHAAR Card for Child

What is the Minimum eligibility criteria / age  to apply for the AADHAAR Card of Kids / Minors?

Minimum age to apply for the AADHAAR Card for Children is 1 year. Upto 5 years age, child’s eyes’ iris and fingerprints keep developing and changing. Therefore no biometric data could be collected for kids and children below 5 years age. AADHAAR Card for the children below age 5 is being linked to their parents/guardian’s AADHAAR. For kids below 5 years of age,  details  of  father / mother / guardian and their AADHAAR Card enrollment number is required.

For the age of 5 years old kids, biometric data would be collected as usual. However children, who are between 5 years and 15 years of age, will have to apply for AADHAAR Card one last time after they turn 15.

For the step by step application process, click here: How to apply for AADHAAR Card?

Note : Bring books, snacks, toys and enough water to keep the kids busy during the waiting period at the AADHAAR Card center.

List of documents needed to apply for AADHAAR Card for Children

  • Certificate of Date of Birth.
  • If the kids have their own Passport, it can be serve as Proof of Identity, Proof of Address as well as Proof of DOB. However, many kids will not have their own Proof of Identity and/or Proof of Address documents. In that case, one of the parents / guardian can introduce the child for his AADHAAR Card. Introducing parent / guardian’s documents will be required along with Proof of Relationship document. Also parent / guardian’s  AADHAAR /  EID number is required. In case the parent / guardian is also applying together with the child, the operator will first register the parent / guardian for AADHAAR Card. Generated AADHAAR Card enrollment number can be  used in the enrollment of AADHAAR Card of child.


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